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Ozuko 9587 Men Backpack Sports Helmet Men Backpack Breathable Waterproof And Wear-resistant(Black)

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1. 3 carrying methods, switch freely to control the rhythm of life, and always show confidence and calmness
2. Lightweight fabric, impermeable to rainwater, dry with one wipe. Flexible and wear-resistant, the skin touch is made of micro-elastic high-density release paper composite fabric, leaving no creases, light and environmentally friendly
3. Internal large-capacity storage space, built-in laptop interlayer, books, certificates, digital equipment, reasonable storage
4. Fine compartments, considerate loading, multi-format storage design in the main compartment, neat and not messy, computer compartment with protective function, so that the world can work smoothly
5. The hook and loop fastener is fixed, the computer does not directly touch the bottom of the backpack, the buffer collision better protects the computer, and can hold a 15.6-inch computer
6. Convenient front pocket, anti-theft pocket on the back
7. The back pad adopts a 3D air-guiding back panel design to promote the free circulation of air, keep the back dry and reduce the pressure on the back, and travel worry-free in summer
8. The back pad is made of three different materials: soft and comfortable sandwich mesh + elastic sponge for relieving heavy load + decompression and shock-resistant high-elastic EVA cotton
9. The bottom fixing buckle fixes the camera frame
10. The front fixing buckle can hang skateboards, helmets, etc.
11. No matter at the airport or at the station, you can hang the backpack on the trolley case while waiting to reduce the burden on your travel and transfer the weight of the backpack to the wheels
12. Smooth and durable zipper bite tightly, smooth experience without stuttering
13. Reinforced portable, comfortable and not tight, can bear heavy weight
14. The triangle reinforcement interface at the junction adopts multiple reinforcements of inverted triangles
15. Shoulder strap card slot Convenient shoulder strap card slot design, convenient and practical
16. The fixed buckle has a high-quality rubber lock, which is strong and durable
17. The adjustable chest buckle can be used to fix the bag when carrying it, so that the center of gravity of the bag does not shift
18. Fabric: leather film + oxford cloth
19. Structure: functional bag/zipper bag, compartment bag/computer bag, etc.
20. Capacity: can be loaded into ipad, mobile phone, 15.6-inch computer, etc.
21. Size: 29x13x49cm
22. Weight: 1.2 kg
Package Weight
One Package Weight 1.30kgs / 2.87lb
One Package Size 50cm * 6cm * 32cm / 19.69inch * 2.36inch * 12.6inch
Qty per Carton 1
Carton Weight 1.30kgs / 2.87lb
Carton Size 50cm * 6cm * 32cm / 19.69inch * 2.36inch * 12.6inch
Loading Container 20GP: 2777 cartons * 1 pcs = 2777 pcs
40HQ: 6448 cartons * 1 pcs = 6448 pcs

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Ozuko 9587 Men Backpack Sports Helmet Men Backpack Breathable Waterproof And Wear-resistant(Black)

$72.88 USD

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