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RETEVIS RT5R EU Frequency 144-146MHz & 430-440MHz Handheld Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie(Black)

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1. With UV function, frequency range: 144-146MHz & 430-440MHz, almost all configurations can be realized by walkie-talkie, you can program by yourself without any software or cables
2. FM radio: RT5R walkie-talkie can be used as a radio, the radio frequency is 65-108MHz, the sound is clear, easy to use, the design is ergonomic, it is ideal for going on adventures, camping, hiking, etc.
3. VOX function: RT5R two-way radio has VOX function, press MENU and button 4 to activate or adjust the VOX level, from 1 to 10. VOX programming does not require any software or cables
4. Rechargeable function: RT5R two-way radio is powered by lithium-ion battery, equipped with USB standard battery charger to charge it, the battery capacity reaches 1400mAh, which can achieve long standby time
5. Power saving: Not only the battery capacity of RT5R reaches 1400mAh, but also RT5R has 4 levels of power saving, press MENU and button 3 to select the power saving level
6. Can be charged with DC5V power adapter
7. Also has other functions, such as manual programming, alarm, dual viewing/dual receiving, power saving function, timer transmission TOT programmable, scan, built-in LED flashlight, PC programmable, etc.
8. Rated voltage: 7.4V DC+/-10%
9. Output power: 5W
10. Battery type: Lithium-ion battery
11. Battery capacity: 1400mAh
12. Operating temperature: -20 to +50 degrees Celsius
13. Antenna impedance: 50ohm
14. Frequency stability: +/-2.5ppm
15. Carrier tolerance: 5ppm
16. Upper frequency deviation: less than 5kHz (wide), less than 2.5kHz (narrow)
17. Modulation characteristics: 6 dB per frequency patch
18. Emission current: less than 1.6A (5W)
19. CTCSS/DCS: 0.5+/-0.1kHz (wide), 0.3+/-0.1kHz (narrow)
20. Sensitivity: less than 0.16uV (12dB SINAD)
21. Mute sensitivity: less than 0.2uV
22. Intermediary distortion: less than 10%
23. Intermodulation: 8-12mv
24. Adjacent channel selectivity (wide/narrow): less than -65dB (wide), less than -60dB (narrow)
25. Weight: 208g (including antenna)
26. Dimensions: 59x29.5x117mm (without antenna)

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.48kgs / 1.06lb
One Package Size 18cm * 11cm * 10cm / 7.09inch * 4.33inch * 3.94inch
Qty per Carton 20
Carton Weight 11.00kgs / 24.25lb
Carton Size 36cm * 33cm * 40cm / 14.17inch * 12.99inch * 15.75inch
Loading Container 20GP: 561 cartons * 20 pcs = 11220 pcs
40HQ: 1302 cartons * 20 pcs = 26040 pcs

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RETEVIS RT5R EU Frequency 144-146MHz & 430-440MHz Handheld Two Way Radio Walkie Talkie(Black)

$59.71 USD

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