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Kitchen Splash Resistant Stainless Steel Home Fruit Peeler(Apple Green)

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1. Food-grade PP material, healthy and mildew-proof, matte frosted cylinder, non-slip
2. Anti-splash, keep the kitchen clean and tidy, it is easy to clean and hygienic
3. Vertical lines prevent sticking, reduce peel friction, and it is easier to clean along the vertical lines
4. 120 degree cutting angle design, peeling quickly and thinly, preserves the pulp to the greatest extent, and the planed surface fits fruits and vegetables, which is cleaner and less labor-intensive
5. Wet cutting edge, 420J2 high hardness stainless steel planed, more sharp and even peeled without fear of breaking, clean and neat without jamming
6. Stand-up storage design keeps the blade from touching the desktop to avoid secondary pollution
7. In line with the curvature of the palm, peeling is more handy
8. Easy to clean, no residue, no dirt, no peculiar smell
9. Lace design, ventilated to dry, keep dry, put it gently, no water, no floor space
10. Material: food grade PP+SUS420J2
11. Size: 5.4x5.5x7.2cm
12. Net weight: 25g
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.04kgs / 0.09lb
One Package Size 6cm * 6cm * 8cm / 2.36inch * 2.36inch * 3.15inch
Qty per Carton 384
Carton Weight 13.90kgs / 30.64lb
Carton Size 49cm * 37cm * 63cm / 19.29inch * 14.57inch * 24.8inch
Loading Container 20GP: 233 cartons * 384 pcs = 89472 pcs
40HQ: 541 cartons * 384 pcs = 207744 pcs

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Kitchen Splash Resistant Stainless Steel Home Fruit Peeler(Apple Green)

$16.05 USD

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