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DT39 3 inch IPS Screen Binoculars Digital Binoculars Night Vision(Black)

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1. Material: TPU
2. Photo resolution: 40M, 30M, 25M, 20M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M
3. Video resolution: 2.5K UHD, 1080FHD, 1080P, 720P
4. Aperture: F 1.2 f=25mm, automatic infrared filter
5. Lens angle: FOV=10 degrees, diameter 43mm
6. Display screen: 3 inches 640x360 IPS
7. USB interface: Type-C
8. Storage medium: maximum support 32GB (not included in this product)
9. Infrared lamp: 3W 850nm strong infrared spotlight, 3 levels of infrared adjustment
10. Digital zoom: 8X
11. Total black viewing distance: 250-300m
12. Low light viewing distance: 3m to infinity
13. Power supply: 2500MAH lithium rechargeable battery
14. Date stamp: support setting date and time
15. Mode: photo mode, video mode, play mode
16. Silicone buttons with backlight, easy to operate in total darkness
17. 10x optical zoom, 8x digital zoom
18. Built-in 3.0-inch IPS screen, 11 language setting menus at a glance
19. Convenient and safe, can be installed on a tripod
20. Packing list: 1x digital night vision binoculars, 1xType-C data cable, 1x storage bag, 1x lanyard, 1x user manual, 1x card reader, 1x cloth

Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.66kgs / 1.46lb
One Package Size 21cm * 16cm * 7cm / 8.27inch * 6.3inch * 2.76inch
Qty per Carton 30
Carton Weight 19.60kgs / 43.21lb
Carton Size 44cm * 50cm * 37cm / 17.32inch * 19.69inch * 14.57inch
Loading Container 20GP: 327 cartons * 30 pcs = 9810 pcs
40HQ: 760 cartons * 30 pcs = 22800 pcs

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DT39 3 inch IPS Screen Binoculars Digital Binoculars Night Vision(Black)

$109.68 USD

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