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ESCAM QF380 4MP Network Solar PIR Alert Smart Wildlife Hunting Camera, 4G:AU Version(Camouflage)

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1. Ultra-low power standby, quick wake up in 0.2 seconds, Photo/video mode can be switched
2. 4MP, 2560x1440P resolution, 8pcs IR LED for 25m night version distance
3. With 3pcs 18650 battery 7800mAh, continuous charging of removable solar panel, ultra-low power consumption, ultra-long standby
4. Built-in microphone and speaker, support two-way voice intercom
5. Built-in PIR alarm sensor, catch wildlife moving, providing accurate and instant alarm, mobile phone APP push
6. Support integrated installation and separated installation
6. Support cloud storage and 128G TF card local storage.
7. APP supports Android/IOS
8. IP66 outdoor protection
9. Work with 4G SIM card (TD-LTE,TD-LTE / LTE FDD TD-LTE / LTE-FDD)

1. System: Linux+RTOS
2. Main control chip: Ingenic-T31ZX
3. Image sensor: GC4653
4. Video pixels: 2560x1440/15fps, 640x360/15fps
5. Photo pixels: 4M/8M/16M
6. APP operating system: Android, Apple IOS
7. Video compression format: H.265
8. Audio compression format: AAC and G.726
9. Networking method: 4G Nano SIM card (not uncluded)
10. 4G module version: American/European/Australian version (optional)
11. Detection mode: PIR sensing+AI motion detection alarm
12. Detection distance: 0-12m
13. Detection angle: 95 degree
14. Alarm method: Real time phone call or information push
15. Internal speaker: 3W
16. Built-in microphone: monitoring range of 20m
17. Lens: 3.6mm, 85 degree viewing angle
18. Solar panel: single crystal silicon 4W
19. Working power: 2.5W
20. APP: UBox
21. Packaging size: 195x160x103mm
22. Weight: 0.92kg
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.95kgs / 2.09lb
One Package Size 19.5cm * 16cm * 10.3cm / 7.68inch * 6.3inch * 4.06inch
Qty per Carton 16
Carton Weight 15.60kgs / 34.39lb
Carton Size 40cm * 33cm * 42cm / 15.75inch * 12.99inch * 16.54inch
Loading Container 20GP: 481 cartons * 16 pcs = 7696 pcs
40HQ: 1116 cartons * 16 pcs = 17856 pcs

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ESCAM QF380 4MP Network Solar PIR Alert Smart Wildlife Hunting Camera, 4G:AU Version(Camouflage)

$130.16 USD

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